Blog #2: Plant Based versus Animal Based Diets


1)       What is the definition of a plant-based diet?

“A ‘plant-based diet’ puts more emphasis on eating plant foods such as vegetables and fruits, whole-grains and legumes (beans) and less emphasis on eating animal foods. Plant foods that are low in calories, high in nutrients and dietary fibre should fill 2/3 or more of your plate while animal foods, such as cheese, meat, fish, poultry and eggs should make up the rest. The plant-based diet is not a vegetarian or weight loss diet; it follows Canada’s Food Guide.” (Odette Cancer Centre, 2011)Read More »


Nutrition Blog #1 – Introduce

Welcome back to my blog,

There have been 3 person in my relatives who were stroke since last year. Unluckily that two of them didn’t get away it. There are many reasons lead to their death, but the same point is they often ate outside. In my country, most of food outside is too much fat. I am the person live to eat, and I go to eat outside frequently. My diet is high-fat meats, less vegetables, and less fruits. Sometimes I cooked food with oil more than it required because that made food more delicious and more attractive. I didn’t really care about my health or my body shape but I felt both of them have been worse lately. At this time, I have just reconized that I should control fat into my body. Therefore the most thing I interest in nutrition right now is low-fat. You cannot eat without fat because your body still needs fat to survive. And I am addicted to fatty foods.Read More »

Blog Assignment #2 – Making soup


Today I will introduce my favourite soup. This soup is not popular in Vietnam but I love it. I barely eat vegetable but I could eat more tomatoes in this way. Once I tried it in my cousin’s house, it became my regularly food in my diet. Another reason I choose this one be-cause it is very easy to prepare. If you love tomato and beef, you would like this soup.

My family have 4 persons, so I will give you a recipe for 4 portions.

–        Prep: 15 mins

–        Cook: 20 mins

Beef and eggs soup


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Blog assignment #1 – My culinary biography



Why I want to be a chef.

I have been a mangaholic for years. I read hundreds of manga books in my life and I always feel interested in some of the manga books which have a cuisine theme. I dreamed I could have had a store like the store in the manga I read. When I grew up, I had to face reality and it prevented me to follow my dream.

In basic, I love cooking and food, so after I came to Canada and watched the property foundation of the culinary program, my dream rose strongly and the strike in 2017 became a chance for me to change my major. After a few weeks, I thought it is my destiny.

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